Durham Magneto Optics Ltd was founded in 2002 as a spin-off company from Professor Russell Cowburn’s nanomagnetism research group in Durham University Physics Department. During a decade of successful trading since then, DMO has deployed machines to over 30 different laboratories across 10 countries. We have a global network of sales and support staff provided by the well known scientific instrumentation companies Quantum Design and LOT-Oriel.

In 2005, DMO relocated its operations to the London area, where it now has dedicated premises for the construction and testing of instruments.

Legal Information:  Durham Magneto Optics Ltd is a private limited company, registered at the following address: Durham Magneto Optics Ltd, The University of Durham, The University Office, Durham DH1 3HP, UK.  The company registration number is 4492798 (England).  NanoMOKE is a registered trade mark of Durham Magneto Optics Ltd.  MicroWriter ML is a trade mark of Durham Magneto Optics Ltd.  The content of this web-site is © Durham Magneto Optics Ltd (2012).