NanoMOKE3: an ultra-high sensitivity Kerr effect wafer mapping magnetometer

The NanoMOKE®3 Wafer Mapper is an ultrahigh sensitivity Kerr effect magnetometer specially configured for measuring magnetic hysteresis loops and domain images across the entire surface of large area samples.  It is ideally suited for wafer-scale development and manufacture of MRAM, magnetic sensors and advanced materials.

  • Handles up to 200mm wafers (larger sizes available on request)
  • Ultra-high sensitivity and stability
  • Very low noise
  • Highly focused laser spot
  • Video-rate microscope to allow precise positioning of laser spot on sample and domain imaging
  • 3000 G applied field in x and y or z projected from beneath the wafer allowing free movement of wafer above electromagnet
  • Optional heating element to locally inject hot gas at the laser measurement point
  • Sensitive to Longitudinal, Transverse and Polar Kerr rotation and ellipticity
  • Obtains coercivity, remanence and exchange bias automatically from measured loops
  • Supplied with LX Pro, our easy to use and flexible control software
  • NanoMOKE3 wafer mapper

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